Extended DISC Certification

Join successful Accredited Extended DISC Consultants worldwide.

Our training courses in Extended DISC® and FinxS give you the confidence to help people and businesses grow. Learn to unlock the full potential of the FinxS Online Platform and Extended DISC® reports with training in the Extended DISC® model.

Extended DISC Accreditation's provide you with access to a comprehensive and indepth assessment suite. These assessments are used to support business development programmes globally. Public accreditations are available through out Australia and New Zealand. In-house training and customised courses are also available on request. We offer a fantastic course run by experienced facilitators that have their finger on the pulse and use the products everyday. Our training courses are recognised by AHRI and HRINZ to count towards Continuing Professional Development Hours (CPD) for AHRI professional members (GAHRI, MAHRI, CAHRI and FAHRI) and Certified Practitioners (CPHR and FCPHR). 

Level 1

Accredited Practitioner

Become fully qualified to interpret and debrief Extended DISC Assessments. Spend a full day covering the background of the Extended DISC model of human behaviour. Explore the four main behavioural styles and combinations. Gain an understanding of how people are motivated, approach tasks, achieve goals, experience stress and how people prefer to communicate.

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Sales Competence Accreditation

Become fully qualified to interpret and debrief Sales Competence Assessments. Learn how to use the Sales Competence Assessments to hire new staff and develop an existing salesforce. Explore the 18 Sales Competencies, Sales Mindsets, Job Roles and Excuse Index to understand how to apply this in-depth assessment to the workplace. Learn how to incorporate Extended DISC Assessments with the Sales Competence Assessment to take it to the next level.

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Level 2

Accredited Consultant

Take your knowledge of Extended DISC to the next level with a broader application of DISC tools. Understand how to apply DISC in a workplace context to enhance business success. Learn how DISC is able to provide you with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance. Explore unique team roles and communication dynamics at an interpersonal and organisational level.

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Upgrade to Extended DISC®

Are you certified in DiSC Profiles, SHL or MBTI? Upgrade to Extended DISC® in just one day with our Extended DISC® Bridging Course. What makes Extended DISC® different is its ability to measure the hard-wired DISC style of a person, not what the person thinks they need or want to be. Learn how to uncover hidden emotions and interpret Extended DISC Reports. Note: Your certification in another DISC based profiling tool must be documented via a valid certificate.

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Check out our New Zealand Extended DISC Master Trainers. This talented group is comprised of coaches, trainers, and HR professionals who are experts in their field and are fully qualified to teach the Level 1: Accredited Practitioner Course and the Level 2: Accredited Consultant course.