Transform Company Culture with Climate Surveys

Collate employee feedback to transform corporate culture with FinxS® Survey's Platform.

Insight into Company Culture

Capture an image of your current company culture with Climate Surveys. Assess areas important to your business, including company values, employee satisfaction and workplace environment. Highlight areas of strength and development from the Climate Survey findings, to elevate employee experience.

Develop Company Culture

Do your people align with your company values and share your vision of the business? FinxS® Climate Surveys provide insight into what is happening within your organisation and where to focus development efforts. Management can immediately build development plans that drive the biggest impact on employee engagement and motivation. 

Engagement and Motivation

Companies with positive corporate culture have higher rates of engaged and productive employees. Assess the engagement and productivity rates of your employees to make positive change and ensure your employees feel valued and motivated in their workplace. Employees have a positive view of their work when the company culture aligns with their personal values. 

Build Engagement with Climate Surveys

Feedback from FinxS® Surveys provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your current culture, plus provide a roadmap towards your ideal business culture.

FinxS® Company Culture Survey

FinxS® Climate Surveys measure areas of business important in your workplace. The resulting reports contain clear graphical representation of results, so you can analyse and compare data. 

The flexibility of the online platform FinxS®, allows you to create customised surveys to suit your specific business needs, from employee engagement to climate surveys. 

The questionnaire collects individual opinions objectively and organises them in ways that best fit your needs. They can be designed to understand a specific team’s strengths, opportunities and development areas.

Culture Survey Features

  • Team Segmentation - Set up and manage respondent groups based on team, organisational division or location.
  • Reporting – Compare engagement and satisfaction levels across teams and departments to identify issues.
  • Automation - Invitation, reminder and thank you emails sent automatically to respondents.
  • Customisation Create and design your own questionnaire.
  • Off the shelf  questionnaires available
  • Unlimited response groups and respondents 
  • Unlimited number of questions and question groups
  • White labelling - add brand colours and logos to make it feel like your own software

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