FinxS Sales Competence Assessment

FinxS Sales Competence Assessments provide Sales Managers, Coaches and Consultants with information to maximise the performance of sales people.

Designed to strengthen and streamline learning, the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses of sales people in 18 critically important sales competences.

Sales Competence

Gain insight into current competence levels of 18 different sales skills. Identify areas of strength and development. Recognise where sales people may need extra coaching and development.

Sales Mindsets

Mindsets are the building blocks of the 18 sales competences. They help uncover the attitude of salespeople towards key behaviours in the sales process.

Excuse Index 

FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment measures the Excuse Index of the individual. The lower the Excuse Index is, the more likely the person is to focus on actions that directly product sales results.

Gain Sales Insights

Measure the attitude of respondents towards key behaviours in the Sales Process and the perception of their current sales competence.

Job Role

Average annual turnover in sales is 25 to 30%. Generate a match percentage to a job role to ensure new sales recruits are matched to the ideal role every time.

Sales Relationship

Understand the type of client relationship required for each job role. Effectively match your salespeople to the type of relationship needed. Use Sales Assessments as a pre-employment test. 

Sales Team Management

Generate action-orientated data to quickly identify top performers in your sales team. Use the sales aptitude test to calculate the average score in each area across the entire team.

Enhance Sales Development

Jumpstart sales development with practical coaching tips and development plans provided in the Sales Competence Assessment.

Sales Competence for Recruitment

Use the Sales Competence Assessment during the pre-employment phase to gain an accurate percentage match between the candidate and your sales role to help select a winning sales force.

Understand if the respondent is better suited to a product or service where customers have latent or expressed need. Pair the respondent with the ideal length of the sales cycle and the type of sales relationship.

FinxS Sales 18

Gain exceptional insights and connect the Sales Competence Assessment to DISC theory. Understand how an individual's natural, hard-wired DISC style may hinder or boost their performance. Reocognise sales tasks that may come naturally to them or use more energy. Apply this information to create a development plan and help managers understand where support is needed in the team. Compare your team against the Sales 18 Team Report to identify where there are gaps and if they need to be filled to enhance sales success.

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