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Recruit NZ - An Extended DISC Success Story

“One of the critical elements in ensuring outstanding organisational performance is the selection and development of excellent staff. - R P van der Merwe

One of the most common uses of Extended DISC® Psychometric Assessments is Recruitment. So, how do you integrate such assessments into your Recruitment process and is it really that successful? R P van der Merwe suggests that “International as well as local research has demonstrated the role that Psychometric Assessments can play in significantly improving the selection process for both new entrants and internal promotions.” 

We interviewed Tanya Gray, the director of Recruit NZ, a leading end to end Recruitment Agency based in Auckland, New Zealand, to find out their Extended DISC® Success Story. 

Recruit NZ was established by Tanya Gray in 2008. She leads a hardworking team of five in the Recruit NZ head office in Warkworth. Tanya is also the director of Consulting HQ, a management consulting company that specialises in the areas of Strategic HR, and Management. 

Having established the Recruitment business almost 10 years ago, the team at Recruit NZ have been using Extended DISC since the company began. Tanya says they mostly use Extended DISC® Assessments when recruiting for middle management positions and above. In these situations the team “would always strongly recommend the candidate go through a psychometric assessment.” This includes positions such as, Finance Managers, Team Leaders, and CEOs. 

Recruit NZ, predominantly use Extended DISC® in the later stages of the Recruitment process. Tanya Gray, Recruit NZ Director, says “Extended DISC really helps to tick boxes, and make certain a candidate is fit for the role and has the skills the client is looking for.” 

In most cases, the team will put a candidate through the questionnaire and produce a standard behavioural assessment. Where possible, they will also attach the candidate’s results against an associated report. For example, when hiring for a Sales Manager position, they will put the result against the Sales Report. This enables them to gain an in depth understanding of the candidates Sales Styles, and which Sales related behavioural competencies come more naturally to the candidate than others. 

This has helped the company to avoid any situations in which a candidate applies for a role that would not come naturally to their behavioural style. Tanya adds that they “usually have the candidate pretty much sussed; the profiles confirm that they would fit into the role.” 

Not only does the behavioural assessment help Recruit NZ select the best candidate for the role, it also helps them prep their client on the behavioural style of their new recruit. This assists with the on-boarding process and gives the client an idea of the candidate’s natural behaviour as well as area’s that will need additional development and support. 

When asked if she would recommend Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessments to other businesses, Tanya replies, “definitely.”


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