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What are leadership assessment tools?

Leadership assessment tools are questionnaires that are designed to reveal leadership styles, behaviours, strengths and challenges. They provide direction, advice and feedback for the leader being assessed to assist in the development of leadership skills and increase awareness of self and of leadership blind spots.

HR Profiling Solutions is the Australasian distributor of Extended DISC leadership assessment tools - some of the world’s most widely used leadership assessments. These DISC profile leadership assessment tools aim to help individuals to develop the skills they need to become inspiring leaders, to know their teams, to get results, and to enhance organisational performance. They are also very accurate in identifying leadership potential and management styles.

The Extended DISC profile leadership assessment tools provide leaders with the information they need to:

  • improve interactions with members of their team(s)
  • motivate team members
  • cultivate effective working relationships
  • build a balanced team
  • produce outcomes that meet targets, satisfy customers and meet managerial objectives

Extended DISC is a behavioural analysis tool that provides a framework for understanding human behaviour. The Extended DISC profile leadership assessment tools aim to develop leaders’ self-awareness, enable them to identify their DISC management styles and give them the information they need to adjust their behaviour, allowing them to communicate more effectively with different individuals and groups in diverse situations. Development areas for leaders are clearly outlined.

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What leadership assessment tools does HR Profiling Solutions provide?

We provide four Extended DISC profile leadership reports that are based on the Extended DISC behavioural questionnaire and one leadership assessment, the Open 360 Leadership Review, which is not an Extended DISC product.

The Extended DISC Standard Behavioural Assessment – This very straightforward and user-friendly analysis identifies -

  • an individual’s behavioural style / their – D, I, S, or C
  • their natural attributes, strengths and motivators
  • whether they are more task or people focused
  • situations likely to demotivate them
  • their behavioural tendencies under pressure
  • their likely behaviour in a team
  • their communication styles
  • their leadership styles
  • their likely stressors, signs of stress and stress alleviators

The Lead & Manage Development Assessment – This DISC profile leadership assessment report focuses on the interaction between the leader/manager and their colleague or team. It seeks to make the leader/manager aware of how they do things, enabling them to recognise their strengths and work on more challenging areas. It greatly simplifies the identification of development areas for leaders. It covers -

  • the leader’s personal behavioural styles
  • their natural strengths, decision making and communication styles
  • their natural leadership culture
  • DISC leadership styles / DISC management styles
  • leadership blind spots: reminders and suggestions that would increase their success as a leader
  • ways they may behave in pressure situations
  • development areas for leaders
  • how they achieve goals and results and help others to do the same
  • methods they employ to drive individual and team performance
  • how they motivate and inspire
  • how they deal with procedures
  • how they react to new ideas and challenges
  • tactics they use to influence
  • how they demonstrate empathy and consideration

The Open 360 Leadership ReviewThe 360 leadership assessment is unrelated to Extended DISC. It is a very effective tool that is both customisable and flexible. It provides leaders with an insight into 360 leadership, providing feedback on their performance and leadership from a range of people they regularly interact with; this could include peers, direct reports, senior managers or even a client. The feedback is collated into one anonymous report to identify strengths, development areas and blind spots.

HR Profiling Solutions offers a selection of pre-made questionnaires for Open 360 leadership assessments or companies can design their own set of questions.

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What are the Extended DISC Leadership Styles?

In a nutshell, D-style leaders are task-focused - they drive for results and quick execution. I-style leaders are people-focused and are good at promoting ideas. S-style leaders are supportive - they get stuck in and get things done while maintaining a focus on company goals and values. C-style leaders value data and facts - they ensure tasks are completed accurately and to a high standard. There is no best DISC profile for leadership. Each one has its strengths and all of them can make excellent leaders. The DISC leadership profile analysis makes managers aware of what they do, how they come across to others and where they can improve. Worldwide the most common DISC profile is the S-style.

No matter what their DISC style, the most successful leaders are those who know themselves and what their default reaction to different situations will be. They are able to modify their behaviour from one interaction to another. They understand that to lead, motivate and influence, they need to be able to identify the behavioural styles of their colleagues and then adapt their own DISC leadership styles accordingly.

Successful leaders are mindful not only of their own natural communication style and preferences, but they are also able to identify the styles of those they are interacting with. In a team situation, possessing the skill to recognise the natural behavioural styles and strengths of the team members enables the development of a balanced team who can meet targets, satisfy customer needs and meet management objectives. Extended DISC profile leadership assessment tools provide a roadmap for achieving meaningful communication, including being able to effectively motivate and persuade.


What DISC profile is best for management?

There is no best DISC profile for a leadership or managerial role. Different styles are needed in different contexts. A successful leader is one who has a high level of self-awareness, who knows their own most natural DISC leadership styles and culture, and who is able to adapt to manage their team and interact with their colleagues more effectively. The Extended DISC profile leadership assessment tools are specifically designed to help leaders to develop the knowledge and insight to be able to do this. This includes being able to ‘read’ the behavioural style of others in order to optimise working relationships (i.e. being able to recognise what your employees may need from you) and to achieve strong outcomes.

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