Retain your most valued employees
with Extended DISC

Have you lost numerous employees in the space of a few months and wondered why?


The most common reasons behind the decision to leave are:

  • Lack of opportunity to develop skills and increase knowledge
  • Unresolved problems with managers or colleagues
  • No clear direction or career path
  • Toxic workplace or poor company culture
  • Feeling over-worked and under pressure
  • Lack of flexibility in terms of working hours and environment
  • Feeling undervalued or insufficiently respected
  • Daily travel time too long
  • Insufficient financial reward


Why is Employee Retention so important?

The costs to a business when valued employees leave can be immeasurable. Not only is the loss of their knowledge, experience and expertise hard to quantify, it can also be very difficult to replace. Furthermore, it creates disruption in the workplace and increases the workload of the remaining employees.

Add to this, in some circumstances, the risk of losing clients/customers.

Measurable costs usually include:

  • The cost of rehiring – sometimes as much as 50% + of a person’s salary
  • Loss of productivity
  • Training and onboarding costs
  • A reduction in sales

How do you minimise the risk of losing valuable employees?

Strive to build a positive work environment and remember that every employee needs to feel valued.

Getting your employees to complete an Extended DISC Behavioural Assessment will provide valuable insights into their behavioural style. Understanding what motivates and de-motivates them, how they communicate, what factors may cause them stress, the management styles they respond well to, can make a huge difference. It will also identify an employee’s natural strengths and developmental areas. If you can get individuals to use their strengths, as well as their skills and knowledge, then productivity and satisfaction with their role will grow.

Additionally, there are certain things that every organisation should keep in mind and this is where Extended DISC, 360s and Survey Tools can further contribute:


  • When employees understand one another’s behavioural styles, mutual respect and positivity will increase.
  • Ensuring there is good, clear communication between managers and their team can only improve productivity.
  • Action should be taken immediately, if there is any conflict or negativity in the workplace.
  • Determining the current climate of your workplace is critical. By conducting an Employee Engagement Survey, you can capture an image of your current employee engagement and it will highlight any workplace issues.
  • Obtaining regular feedback from your employees about their managers/supervisors using a 360 Assessment Survey will determine whether managers/supervisors have adapted to take previous feedback from their employees into account.
    • When Christopher Luxton was CEO of Air New Zealand, the company did 360 Assessments every quarter to ensure that management was adapting to feedback from employees.
  • Investing in your employees’ development is paramount and can contribute to addressing any skills’ shortages in your organisation.

Extended DISC will give you crucial information about your valuable employees’ needs, strengths and areas of potential in the workplace, enabling you to improve procedures and systems and identify useful development and training pathways. Insights into individuals’ behavioural styles will help to minimise misunderstandings and promote more effective communication, in turn fostering engagement, respect and more positive working relationships. Being aware of factors in the workplace that typically motivate or demotivate people with a certain behavioural style will arm you with knowledge to look into what adjustments could be made to make the workplace more enjoyable and individual roles more rewarding.

Extended DISC Assessments are also capable of detecting emotions and stressors. A person’s adapted behavioural profile can reveal that they’re experiencing pressure, frustration, insecurity or even that they feel they’re lacking sufficient guidance or information. This is all valuable information that you can use to help get things back on track and prove your commitment to their personal and professional development.

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