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We make recruitment simple. Through partnering with organisations, 73% of our clients report recruitment savings of $10,000 to over $50,000.

What is a Typical Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process is a step by step strategy to identify job vacancies, analyse the role requirements, reviewing applicants, screening, shortlisting and placing the ideal candidate in the right position.

The Recruitment process usually encompasses three steps. Each step requires careful preparation and planning.

  1. Pre-selection: in this step managers define the job requirements, the personal qualities of an ideal candidate and the skills required for the role.
  2. Selection: the selection process entails reviewing the applicants' CVs, conducting interviews, administering recruitment assessments and selecting the ideal employee.
  3. Post-Selection: the post-select phase is critical to ensure the company retains the new talent. This stage requires familiarisation with the individual hired and providing excellent on-boarding.

Often recruiters rely on CV's and gut feeling to select an employee. DISC Recruitment assessments support the hiring process from selection to on-boarding. Remove guess-work from the recruitment process and reduce the cost associated with a poor hire. 81% of companies in New Zealand expect to make more reliable, less risky decisions using psychometric tests.

How you can improve your recruitment process

Psychometric tools for hiring are a great way to improve the recruitment process. With 49% of New Zealand employers concerned with finding and hiring new quality talent, the ability to identify top performers is critical to business growth and success. Making a poor hiring decision can cost the company extreme amounts of time and money and also affect how your customers view the business. 

Using Extended DISC® Recruitment Assessments you can predict how your new hire will fit into the role and select the ideal candidate every time.

Reduce costs associated with hiring and place candidates in the ideal role using non-bias assessment technology. Extended DISC® Pre-Employment Assessments and Cognitive Ability Tests are invaluable tools to improve recruitment decisions. Cognitive ability is predictive of job performance in most industries, and Extended DISC® Recruitment Assessments demonstrate the individual's natural behavioural style. A combination of these assessments helps Recruiters and HR Managers to identify top talent and predict their success in the role.

Improve the Recruitment Process

Take the guesswork out of recruitment and reduce the cost of a poor hire. Make secure hiring decisions with DISC Assessments.

Recruitment Assessment Tools

There are a several recruitment assessment tools a HR or recruitment manager can use to identify top talent. A candidates cognitive ability and behavioural style significantly impact job performance. Identify individuals with the highest chance of success using workplace assessment tools such as a reasoning analysis or a recruitment profiling tool. 

FinxS Reasoning Analysis

FinxS® Reasoning Analysis is a cognitive ability test designed to assess the capacity or skill of an individual to perform specific tasks related to success in a job role. When used in combination with a DISC Profile, the Reasoning Analysis helps managers make secure hiring decisions.

Ability tests are powerful predictors of job performance and help reinforce the selection of individuals with the highest chance of success. Analyse individual results against a benchmark to compare against top performers.

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Recruit & Select Assessment

Extended DISC® Recruit & Select Assessments allow you to analys behavioural fit against key role requirements. The reports provide a clear understanding of an individual's natural behavioural style and the types of tasks and activities they feel comfortable undertaking.

These factors are hugely valuable when evaluating a candidates' fit for a role. Identify, in advance, how the candidate will fit in with the team, where their strengths are, what may cause stress, and when they may need additional support.

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Candidate selection training

We provide psychometric tools for hiring and training for managers and recruiters to empower them to hire the best possible candidates using the insights from the tools.

We teach you how to use the features of the Extended DISC® recruitment assessment and Cognitive Ability tests to build a picture of a candidate's fit for a role. Managers can use the assessment to match the candidate's natural behavioural strengths to job role requirements and spot quality candidates. Extended DISC® assessments are entirely customisable. Managers can modify an assessment to include the exact behaviours needed for the job role.

DISC assessments help to answer questions such as does the candidate bring a style to the team that is currently missing? Can the team manager help integrate them into the team? How the manager can effectively communicate with the candidate and what motivates the candidate to perform.

When used in conjunction with a CV, interview and reference checks, psychometric assessment hiring tools help to build an accurate picture of a candidate before they are selected, leading to more successful and reliable hires.

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Screening and evaluating candidates

That 'gut feeling' alone is not enough to ensure you employ the most suitable candidate for a role. Pre-Employment tests such psychometric assessments and cognitive ability provide an in-depth picture of a candidate's behaviour and ability than interviewing and referencing processes alone. Extended DISC® Assessments ensure you have accurate and comprehensive information to make a well-informed recruitment decision. Use DISC assessments to support the interviewing process to ensure you ask the right questions. 

Psychometric tests help recruiters and companies to understand who individuals are before they even begin working. Once we know and understand things like a person's preferred work environment (if at home or the office) and their development areas, we can put suitable measures into place, such as the right support from the manager and training plans.

How to improve your on-boarding process

Extended DISC® On-Boarding Assessments assist in the on-boarding process to improve new hire retention and productivity. Understand how to best support your new employees to help them feel valued in a new workplace. Ensure your new employees are engaged, motivated and productive from the commencement of their employment with your organisation. Identify a candidate's pressure triggers to help reduce workplace stress. Recognise learning and development needs to optimise workplace performance.

The Extended DISC® Team Assessment tool provides an opportunity to understand how your new candidate will fit into the team. Identify if the candidate fills any gaps in the group and recognise areas for potential tension or disputes among existing team members. 

The DISC Work Pair assessment is a great resource to draw on when the new hire works closely with an existing team member. The Work Pair Assessment identifies the shared strengths and weaknesses of the two individuals and where they may encounter tension.

Through partnering with similar organisations, 70% of our clients experience some or significant positive change in staff retention.

DISC assessment for recruiting and on-boarding

DISC assessments are useful to:

  • Screen potential candidates 
  • Conduct a better, more directed and objective interview
  • Identify candidates who match job requirements
  • On-board and train new hires effectively
  • Recognise learning and development opportunities
  • Identify preferred job content
  • Understand learning and communication styles

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