Upgrade to Extended DISC

Upgrade your DISC assessment accreditation to the most intelligent DISC Profile, Extended DISC.

DISC Certification Upgrade

Are you certified in another DISC tool and want to make the switch to Extended DISC? Apply for our conversion certification and become fully certified in half a day.

The purpose of the conversion certification is to complement your current understanding of the DISC personality types and DISC theory. Drawing on your pre-existing knowledge, you will learn how to interpret Extended DISC reports. Understand how to identify and recognise the special cases to understand an individual's emotional state at the time of assessment, including extreme stress or pressure. 

You will gain: 

  • An internationally recognised qualification in the world's most intelligent psychometric system
  • A complimentary Extended DISC Assessment
  • Access to our FinxS Online Dashboard to administer and control your account
  • User Guide Manual - full of simple instructions to navigate the FinxS Online Platform, case studies and much more
  • Lifetime access to our VIP Area
  • Local phone and email customer service with speedy response times to help you get the most out of FinxS and Extended DISC
  • Value added tools to optimise individual, team and organisational performance


Note: Proof of certification in another DISC based profiling tool must be documented by displaying a valid certificate of accreditation.

    Improve workplace productivity.
    Become DISC Accredited.

    Why Upgrade to Extended DISC?

    Special Cases

    Extended DISC Assessments are the world's most intelligent profiling tools. Our proprietary algorithm measures nine 'special cases' and hidden emotions. 

    Extended DISC graphs form patterns allowing you to spot when employees are under pressure, feeling frustrated or lacking direction. Reduce the effects of workplace stress and ensure your employees are productive.  

    Don't Pay for Extra Assessments

    Once an individual completes the Extended DISC questionnaire, their results are saved to your database in your FinxS Online Dashboard.

    From your dashboard you can order their results in any format (leadership, sales, etc.), for no additional cost! Don't waste time on multiple questionnaires or money to gain extra insights.

    Globally Validated Assessments

    We provide the most reliable and valid DISC assessments on the market. Unlike other providers, Extended DISC International re-validate their tools bi-annually to ensure they measure what they claim to measure.

    Using our DISC Assessments, you can leverage their credibility and ensure your workplace tools are valid and reliable.

    How long is the DISC Upgrade training?

    The Extended DISC® Certification Conversion Workshops are an interactive and practical course. The course runs for 5 hours and includes morning tea and lunch breaks. 

    Our virtual course runs over two days and covers the same content as the public and in-house workshops. The two sessions are 2.5-hours and include a couple of short breaks for food and drink. 

    In comparison to our Level One Certification Course, we skip over the background of DISC theory and the attributes of the DISC Personality types, as you would have covered these in your previous certification. 

    We focus our time and attention on how to debrief the Extended DISC® reports, analysing the differences between natural and adjusted profiles, spotting patterns in the DISC profiles, understanding and recognising the special cases, and tips when debriefing reports.

    The last part of the day covers statistics in the New Zealand and Global populations, some best practice guidelines when administering DISC assessments, and ethical considerations. We discuss some leadership considerations for the range of DISC profiles and also trends observed in the population over the last 20 years.

    Upgrade to Extended DISC Today