Level Two DISC Accreditation

Take your knowledge of DISC to the next level, become a Level Two Extended DISC accredited consultant.

Who is the level 2 course suited to?

The level two course is suited to any level one accredited disc practitioner looking for a deeper understanding of Extended DISC®, and it's applications to business. We designed our Level One course to get you up and running with DISC in a day. In comparison, the Level Two DISC assessment training delves deep into people issues in the workplace and how our suite of assessment tools can overcome these barriers to organisational performance.

After over two decades in the assessment tool industry, we've combined our understanding of human behaviour, Extended DISC®, and workplace performance with industry insights from top consultants and HR Professionals across New Zealand to create the most practical DISC accreditation on the market. The Level Two course offers a holistic analysis of an individual, team or organisation, by incorporating the use of multiple DISC assessments and other complimentary assessment tools. The course will equip you with the skills to apply Extended DISC® to five fundamental areas of an organisation and how other workplace assessments can support development.

As a consultant or HR professional operating independently or in a larger organisation, you'll learn how Extended DISC® can provide you with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance. You also learn how advanced and flexible the FinxS Online Platform is and why it's unrivalled as a diagnostic tool.

The knowledge gained from the Level Two Accredited Consultant workshop will translate to all aspects of business and personal life. This workshop assists novices to seasoned professionals. Some of the most common types of attendees include:

  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • People and Capability Leaders
  • Trainers
  • Facilitators
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Recruitment Managers

Improve workplace productivity.
Become DISC Accredited.

How long is the DISC accreditation training?

This course involves an intensive two days full of practical information and application of the Extended DISC® Assessment Suite. We follow five key modules and the application of DISC in these areas.

Grow and Develop

The first module covers the application of Extended DISC® into self- discovery and personal development. We introduce the Extended DISC® Grow and Development assessment and explain how consultants commonly use this assessment to create a clear understanding of an individual's behavioural style. These insights then enable us to develop personal development and coaching action plan.


Team and Build

Learn how to build a more cohesive and effective team using the extensive insights from the Extended DISC® Team and Build assessment. Understand how each individual reacts to being a team player based on their behavioural style and their likely role in the team. Assess if the scope of DISC personality styles covers the required tasks for the team to meet their goals using the Extended DISC® Diamond.

Lead & Manage

The Extended DISC® Lead and Manage assessment provides extensive insights into an individual's leadership and management style, whether they are an existing leader or a future potential. We learn how the different styles lead and introduce some of the other FinxS tools to enhance the understanding of Leadership and Management style. These include the Extended DISC® Work Pair which can highlight information useful for recruitment, succession and conflict resolution.

Recruit and Select

In this module, we look at the Extended DISC® Recruit and Select assessment and how it can help predict how an applicant will perform in the role before they are hired. You will learn what sort of work environment each behavioural style prefers and the tasks that best suit their behavioural style. We also explore the Job Template to provide additional insights specific to the role or industry and how much value this can add to the process.

Sales and Service

The last module looks at the Extended DISC® Sales and Service assessment. We look at the different behavioural styles and what sort of selling or even customer service, to which they are most suited. We also look at how salespeople can identify the behavioural style of their customer or prospect and tweak their sales pitch to enhance the sales process and motivate a buying decision.

Enhance workplace culture.
Become DISC Accredited.

Why should we take the level two DISC accreditation course?

We have been providing DISC profiling and accreditation training in New Zealand for over 20 years. During this time, we have experienced first-hand many HR issues in the workplace. Through our experience, we developed our 'five-module' approach to overcoming these people issues. The Level Two DISC accreditation follows these five modules and will help you solve people and productivity issues that affect the bottom line.

The course provides you with a deeper and more complete understanding of the DISC styles and their behaviour. Learn the strengths and development areas of the DISC styles in five fundamental areas of a business and understand how to develop your workforce to enhance their success and productivity.

Our Level Two course will add significant value to your consulting or HR toolkit through a comprehensive understanding of the insights the FinxS Online Platform and associated assessment tools provide. You will transform from a DISC practitioner into an accredited Extended DISC Consultant.

Our uniquely designed assessments complement and build on one another, providing valuable insights into your workforce like no other toolkit. After the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of DISC Behavioural Styles and people analytics. You will have all you need to confidently use data to offer crucial insights into behaviour that enable people to improve their job performance and satisfaction.

How is the training delivered?

Training is available online via video conference software or at a public certification day in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch. We also travel across New Zealand to provide training from the comfort of your own office. 


Public Certification

The public DISC certification is a comprehensive full-day training session. Experience the facilitation of our expert trainers and learn from other participants.

A public course provides you with direct access to the trainer and the opportunity to interact with other HR experts and consultants in various industries.

In-House Certification

Do you have an HR team looking to become trained in Extended DISC? It may be more beneficial for us to come to you and run an in-house session.

We travel to your office or host an online certification where it is not possible to travel. The in-house option provides the opportunity to tailor the training to your exact needs.

Online Certification

Online Certification consists of four, 3-hour sessions over video conference software. They are live collaborative sessions with our Extended DISC Training Manager.

Our online DISC training program is a popular choice for those who cannot travel due to Covid-19 restrictions or those who enjoy the convenience of a live, interactive format.

Upcoming Events

See our training dates for Level Two Accreditation Course for year 2023 & 2024 below.



20 - 28


Location: ONLINE 
Dates: 20th, 21st, 22nd & 27th, 28th of May     Time: 11am - 2pm 
Our virtual courses consist of 5x three-hour sessions and cover each module from the Level 2 Training. Attend all five modules to receive a Level 2 Accredited Consultant Certification or attend only the modules relevant to your needs - it's your choice!

19 - 20


Location: ONLINE
Dates: 14th & 15th of November        Time: 11am - 2pm 
Due to lots of interest, we are hosting two of our five modules twice in a year.
These will be 2x three hour sessions and cover the Team & Build and Lead & Manage Modules from the Level 2 Training. Don't miss out, register NOW! 

Enhance workplace culture.
Become DISC Accredited.