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Develop your people with scientifically validated and accurate DISC Assessments tools. 

DISC assessment tools

Extended DISC® assessment tools provide coaches, consultants and managers with information to maximise the performance of employees. DISC assessments are used to enhance teamwork, communication and development.

The Extended DISC online assessment comprises 24 questions (48 sub-questions). Sounds simple, but it provides remarkably accurate insights into human behaviour. Extended DISC® is based on the highly validated and world-renowned Extended DISC® model. The ipsative style assessment is shown to identify both a person's 'natural' AND 'adapted' behavioural style. Which allows for much more in-depth insight into who a person is, not who they think they should be.

DISC tools allow consultants and managers to understand how people are really feeling at the time of assessment. When communicating with employees, it's difficult to tell if they are demotivated, stressed, frustrated or unsure of their role. Extended DISC behavioural profiles help identify these emotional issues and provide a framework for discussion. 81% of our clients have experienced a significant increase in self-awareness in themselves and their teams since using Extended DISC®.

New Zealand business consultants and managers use DISC tools to understand what drives people. As well as their strengths, development areas, what motivates and demotivates them, and how best to communicate and retain them.

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How DISC assessments are used in the workplace

DISC Assessments have a wide variety of workplace applications. Below are some of the most common ways organisations are using DISC.

Recruitment and Retention

Extended DISC® Assessments help identify, recruit and retain the most suitable candidates. Choosing employees or promoting employees into positions that suits their behavioural style is vital in achieving success. The outcome will lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction and a harmonious working atmosphere. Through partnering with organisations, 70% of our clients experience some or significant positive change in staff retention.

Team Building

Team building is an essential investment in your people. It creates trust among employees, decreases conflict and boosts collaboration. No matter how small or large your team is, understanding the balance of behavioural styles and dynamics is integral to a happy, productive team. DISC Assessments help build strong teams identifying problem areas and recommending ways of resolving them.


Communication represents a fundamental role in our working and daily lives. In fact, a staggering 70% of business mistakes are due to a breakdown in communication or misunderstandings. Strong communication skills help us convey our message and achieve our goals. Extended DISC® provides a framework for more productive interactions. It acts as a map to improve and enhance professional and personal communication.

Sales Growth

Selling is easy for some people and difficult for others. Knowing exactly where your sales team's strengths and weaknesses are is vital as individuals and a team. Not only to develop effective salespeople, but also excellent customer relationships. Extended DISC Assessments help increase sales by identifying how each style sells and placing them in the right sales roles to maximise their strengths.

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Increasing self-awareness is the fundamental first step in personal or professional development. Awareness leads to an understanding of our behaviour, allowing us to recognise how we come across to others and how to adjust our response to the people around us. Extended DISC assessments allow you to identify your natural areas of strength, develop self-awareness and enhance overall performance.

Leadership Development

Extended DISC Workplace Assessments help you develop the skills you need to become an inspiring leader, drive results and enhance organisational performance. Understand your peoples' behavioural strengths and get the most out of your workforce. Understand which behaviours will come naturally and easily to your employees. Learn to delegate tasks accordingly to maximise on your people's strengths.

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Success stories of DISC assessments

Employee Engagement

A leading US hospital used Extended DISC® to increase employee engagement which was becoming a problem due to a lack of communication and teamwork between departments. They set out to use DISC to support and improve employee interaction to help improve overall workplace efficacy.

After implementing Extended DISC, the hospital achieved the 18th ranking out of 500 in the list of Forbes magazine's "America's Best Employers" for 2017.

"We have seen a noticeable difference in many of our internal teams as well as a noticeable improvement in communication and team cohesion since we've utilised the Extended DISC® tool."

Improved Efficiency

A large training organisation looked to increase its clients' sales. Their philosophy is that in sales, being able to build rapport, bond with others, and deal with difficult people are skills that, when done successfully, will set us apart from our competition.

They selected Extended DISC® as a tool to incorporate into their training programs. They applied DISC internally and externally as part of every conversation.

They asked new clients to measure the time they currently spend on emotional waste, drama, and problem solving to make sales. After they conduct the Extended DISC training, they ask their clients to measure again.

Clients recognised a 20% drop in stress and time management within the sales process. What they find is that applying Extended DISC® allows their employees to move out of an emotional perspective and into a strategic one.

Sales Performance

An Extended DISC consultant partnered with a sales team of a large manufacturer who looked to increase sales. Once completing the online questionnaire, the group participated in a full-day training session.

The content of the programme consisted of:

  • Background on Extended DISC
  • Understanding the four basic behavioural styles (D, I, S and C)
  • Interpreting their own reports to really understand themselves
  • Identifying the behavioural styles of customers
  • Communication and the various styles
  • Listening and the various styles
  • Adjusting our styles - How to sell to the different styles
  • Factors that motivate the buying decisions of the various styles

Immediately following the training, there was a noticeable improvement in communication between the individuals and the team's morale. They appeared to be more focused, and the sales manager reported to our consultant that sales immediately increased by some 11% in the first month and that increased level has been surpassed in the second month by another 1.5%.

Increased Retention

One of our European associates achieved a remarkable turnaround in staff retention rates by introducing Extended DISC to a large cable television and internet provider.

Candidates were employed on a three-month trial period, and 50% of them did not continue with the firm after the initial three months. After using Extended DISC the number of new recruits who remained with the organisation improved to 83%. Only 17% left after the initial trial period.

Implementing Extended DISC as part of the recruitment process meant that the profile of each candidate could be compared to the profile of the "ideal profile" (made through benchmarking and role analysis). This provided a basis on which an objective hiring decision relating to each candidate could be made.

The validity of recruitment decisions rose significantly as a result of applying Extended DISC solutions. Instead of losing 50% of new recruits after the three months, this figure dropped to 17% - a considerable saving in recruiting and training costs.


97% of our current clients would recommend our tools to other businesses. Don't take our word for it, read some great feedback from our clients.


At the Co-operative Bank we’ve used Extended DISC with our full sales leadership team.  We’ve found it an extremely useful tool to understand the make-up of our teams, the different strengths each person brings to the team, and how to work more effectively together.

David Cunningham
CEO - The Cooperative Bank

The new Sales Competency Tests are transforming the way that we now understand sales people and can target, specifically, those competencies and behaviours that are coachable and, ultimately, can be improved. The tests provide uncannily accurate insights.

David Hoath
Managing Director - Arlandria

If ever problems have arisen, there has always been a friendly voice at the end of the phone line and a ready solution. Even some of my most sceptical clients have come to rely on FinxS increasingly in making good selection and recruitment decisions.

Rob Everall
Managing Director - Marine Jobs

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