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Get the best from people, improve performance and your bottom line with Extended DISC and FinxS Online Assessments.

FinxS® is the consultant's online psychometric profiling tool of choice. It is more flexible informat and content than any other psychometric profiling tool. The FinxS® Online Platform is fully compliant with the GDPR, and includes a large range of tools and features to provide in-depth and specialised reporting in all areas of business and life. Individual assessments can be tailored specifically, with a choice of over 1500 behavioural competencies. Leaving the consultant in total control and able to meet their clients needs precisely.   

What is FinxS?

Extended DISC Assessments are powered by the FinxS Online Platform. With millions of Extended DISC® psychometric tests performed across the world, this renowned psychometric profiling tool provides businesses with real solutions to their human resource issues based on DISC Theory. Easy to use, comprehensive and accurate, Extended DISC® is tried and tested - and provides a great psychometric tool for managers, consultants, coaches, HR teams and business development specialists.  

What is Extended DISC?

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Add value to your toolbox and increase your marketability by becoming an Extended DISC® Accredited Practitioner. Learn to deliver DISC tests, DISC workshops, and much more.

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How Can We Help

Extended DISC® Assessments help improve workplace relations, increase productivity and achieve business success. Check out our range of solutions to ensure Extended DISC® works for you.

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What is Extended DISC?

Extended DISC® is a highly validated, easy to use workplace assessment tool. Extended DISC® is designed to help individuals, teams and organisations become more successful.

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About HR Profiling

HR Profiling Solutions provide assessment tools for Business Coaches, Consultants, HR Practitioners and Organisations. We are the Master Distributor of Extended DISC® and FinxS® Psychometric Assessments in Australasia. With 20+ years experience and one million assessments completed annually in over 50 countries we are the experts in DISC and Psychometric Assessments.

What our customers are saying

If ever problems have arisen, there has always been a friendly voice at the end of the phone line and a ready solution. Even some of my most sceptical clients have come to rely on FinxS increasingly in making good selection and recruitment decisions.

Rob Everall

Director - Marine Jobs

The HR Profiling team have provided excellent service and support and have gone above and beyond on many occasions. Their training for Level 1 Practitioner and Level 2 Consultant is excellent and has allowed us to fully utilise Extended DISC and apply it to the organisation.

Brett Honisett

L & D Manager - Europcar

Our relationship with HR Profiling and the insights gained from using Extended DISC has been instrumental in allowing us to successfully deliver a range of complex projects to our clients. I have always found the team at HR profiling to be highly professional and helpful.

Andre van der Merwe

Managing Director - Verity Consulting