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Who is the Reasoning Course suited to?

We partner with Recruiters and HR Managers throughout New Zealand who are experiencing challenges hiring ideal candidates for the role. Using our Reasoning Analysis, we help Recruiters and HR Managers focus on turning intuition into objective information resulting in informed decisions and selecting compatible candidates.

Are you frustrated with poor recruitment or job fit resulting in high turnover and all the associated costs? A Reasoning Analysis Accreditation will equip you with the knowledge to evaluate and select compatible candidates, reduce turnover and build a skilled workforce.

We designed our Reasoning Course to provide Recruiters and HR Managers with the skills to interpret the results from the Reasoning Analysis and apply the insights to hire ideal candidates.

Typical attendees of the Reasoning Accreditation include:

  • Recruiters
  • HR Specialists
  • Managers
  • Consultants

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How long is the Reasoning Analysis training?

Our training allows you to get started with our range of Reasoning Analysis tests in only half a day. The comprehensive half-day workshop provides you with a lifetime certification with no expiry. Your certificate is transferable to other workplaces to help you enrich the portfolio of your recruitment tools, skills and experience. 

During the accreditation training, you will:

  • Learn about our innovative Reasoning Analysis tool
  • Obtain a certificate authorising you to interpret the results independently
  • Enrich the portfolio of your products and services in a competitive market
  • Understand how to make more reliable hiring decisions using the results from the Reasoning Analysis

Why should we take the accreditation on Reasoning Analysis course?

We specialise in helping HR professionals and Recruiters who are frustrated with poor recruitment decisions, which result in the high turnover of employees and all the associated costs this brings. Our Reasoning Analysis draws on the predictive power of aptitude tests to provide organisations with accurate and precise reports. Using our Reasoning Analysis, organisations ensure they hire top talent with the necessary cognitive ability to succeed in the role.

Attending reasoning training supports recruiters to learn how to effectively evaluate candidates who have the reasoning capacity equal to the job requirements. A reasoning accreditation will equip you with the knowledge to test aptitude skills and measure cognitive ability

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the nine reasoning tests 
  • Understand how to select and administer the Reasoning Analysis tool
  • Confidently interpret and debrief the Reasoning Analysis tool
  • Understand how to apply the Reasoning Analysis tool to make informed and non-bias hiring decisions.
  • Connect the Reasoning Analysis tool to Extended DISC® methodology for more detailed analysis and reliable recruitment decisions

Extensive research demonstrates that cognitive ability tests, like our Reasoning Analysis tool, are the best predictors of success as they have the highest correlation to job performance. Candidates with strong cognitive ability can perform tasks more accurately and efficiently, make effective decisions, and use their reasoning skills to solve complex problems. Companies commonly use cognitive tests during the pre-employment process due to their predictive value. Candidates that achieve higher scores are more productive and require less training resulting in savings of time and costs during the on-boarding of the employee. The tests improve retention, decrease training time and help avoid costly mis-hires.

Learn How to Assess Cognitive Skills

A Reasoning Analysis is an effective way to assess cognitive skills. Reasoning assessments are powerful predictors of job performance and help confirm the selection of candidates with the highest chance of success during the recruitment process. Reasoning tests empower recruiters, hr professionals and business owners to make informed decisions when filing positions. Incorporating Reasoning tests during the recruitment phase will help reduce recruitment costs and support informed people decisions using non-bias assessment technology. Your business will have a higher chance of increasing productivity, overall performance and decreasing employee turnover.

The reasoning course equips recruiters and hr professionals to assess cognitive skills, including the following:

  • Abstract Reasoning- measures an individual's ability to understand different concepts and identify their interrelationships.
  • Logical processing - analyses an individual's ability to understand cause-effect relationships.
  • Spatial reasoning - measures the individual's ability to comprehend visual entities and their components.
  • Social reasoning - measures the individual's general sensitiveness to observe a social phenomenon.
  • Numerical reasoning – measures an individual's ability to spot relationships and patterns in numerical information.
  • Verbal reasoning - measures a person's ability to understand written information, conceptualise it and find causal relationships.
  • Mathematical logical reasoning - evaluates a person's ability to interpret and criticise statistical information.
  • Word Association - measures the ability to rely on written information to understand relationships between different concepts.
  • Visual memory - is the ability to remember and process relevant visual information.

Our reasoning course covers the background of the Reasoning Analysis, how aptitude tests work, how to measure cognitive ability and how to assess cognitive ability using our nine reasoning tests.

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How is the training delivered?

*Please note, due to current restrictions all our certifications are held virtually

Public Certification

The public reasoning certification is a comprehensive full-day training session. Experience the facilitation of our expert trainers and learn from other participants.

A public course provides you with direct access to the trainer and the opportunity to interact with other recruitment experts and professionals in various industries.

In-House Certification

Do you have a Recruitment or HR team looking to become certified in the Reasoning Analysis? It may be more beneficial for us to come to you and run an in-house session.

We travel to your office or host an online certification where it is not possible to travel. The in-house option provides the opportunity to tailor the training to your exact needs.

Virtual Certification

Virtual Certification consists of one, 4-hour session over video conference software with time for breaks. They are live, interactive and collaborative sessions with our Training Manager. 

Our online Reasoning course is a popular choice for those who cannot travel due to Covid-19 restrictions or those who enjoy the convenience of a live, interactive format.

Upcoming Events




Location: ONLINE - 6th June 2024
Time: 11 - 3 pm (NZST)
Our virtual courses consist of 1x four-hour sessions and cover the background of the Reasoning Analysis tool and the applications of the tests to Recruitment.


Location: ONLINE - 31. Oct 2023
Time: 11 - 3 pm (NZST)
Our virtual courses consist of 1x four-hour sessions and cover the background of the Reasoning Analysis tool and the applications of the tests to Recruitment.

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