DISC Personality Assessment

The DISC personality test provides New Zealand businesses with an easy to learn framework to help understand themselves and others better.

What is a Personality Test?

The DISC personality test provides businesses across New Zealand with an easy to learn framework to help understand themselves and others better. Once employees have a thorough understanding of their natural tendencies, they learn how to adjust their behaviour to suit others styles and specific situations. Employees have more effective interactions and become more successful in their role.

The Extended DISC test is an easy to administer online self-assessment to identify a person's style. The personality profile encompasses 24 questions (48 sub-questions). Sounds simple, but it generates exceptionally accurate insights into human behaviour. DISC personality tests analyse a person's natural behavioural style and how they prefer to interact with others.

Once a person completes the DISC personality questionnaire, our cloud-based system turns their answers into a uniquely automatically generated report. The report describes how the person naturally behaves in a workplace environment and creates easy to action development tips to increase workplace performance.

DISC assessments are based on the behavioural theories of Carl G Jung and William Moulton Marston and draw on four primary factors of a person's behaviour. We refer to the four types, as Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, or more commonly, DISC. The four letters in the acronym represent a different type of personality style, also known as temperament or behavioural traits. They explain whether a person is extroverted or introverted and task or people-orientated or a combination of the characteristics. 

Extended DISC personality Assessments draw on these four factors to create combinations of behavioural styles. The tool identifies 160 different styles, far more than any other DISC personality test. Based on the highly validated and acclaimed Extended DISC model, the ipsative style assessment identifies a person's 'natural' and 'adjusted' behavioural style - something many profiling tools fail to do. Extended DISC® Assessments thoroughly analyses a person's natural behavioural tendencies, allowing managers to understand who their people really are, not what they think they need to be.

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    Personality tests vs. Career assessments

    Career tests typically recommend occupations based on your experience, interests, likes and dislikes. They tend to ask questions such as 'do you enjoy interacting with people daily?' or 'would you enjoy negotiating on behalf of a client?' Career tests measure your enjoyment of specific tasks and activities and provide a generic list of careers based on your answers. 

    A common myth of DISC personality tests is that they put people in a box and limit their careers. However, this is not the case! A personality profile will reveal your natural behavioural styles which will help you identify jobs that you will quickly excel at, or determine your development areas to help you succeed in your current role. 

    A DISC profile test goes beyond the occupation and straight to the behaviours needed for the job. A personality test does not tell you what careers you can or cannot do. Instead, it helps you identify tasks in a role that may drain your energy if you have to perform them daily. A DISC assessment will also reveal how you work in a team environment, the level of support you require of your manager, whether you prefer a structured or unstructured environment and much more. These factors are equally as important when deciding which career path to go down and what company culture will best suit your needs.

    An understanding of your strengths, challenges and development areas can develop and enhance your career and make you more valuable to your company. Your DISC assessment results can help you avoid wasting years in the wrong role or occupation! DISC assessments can also help you uncover career paths you never considered! Knowing your preferred job content and environment can ultimately help enhance your job satisfaction and overall well-being.

    What is the best personality test for the workplace?

    We highly recommend Extended DISC personality tests, as they can fit just about any workplace environment. Extended DISC is a behavioural model that is focused exclusively on workplace behaviours, rather than on general personality type. The reports are explicitly geared toward workplaces and describe how people naturally react in certain situations that might occur in the office. Extended DISC® sparks candid conversations and creates awareness around one fundamental truth that not everyone thinks or behaves in the same way.

    DISC personality assessments support employees to become more effective and productive. Employees identify if they have a stronger tendency toward the behavioural type of dominance, influence, steadiness, or compliance. They then learn how to emphasise their strengths to maximise performance or learn which areas they need to develop to become more successful. Through an understanding of their DISC style and the style of others, they can interact effectively with other members of their team.

    Extended DISC reports explain in a clear and easy to read format, with supporting graphics, the natural behavioural style of a person. A unique feature of the Extended DISC report is that it allows the comparison of a person's conscious behavioural style to their unconscious behavioural style. The comparison is a powerful feature as it not only tells us what we already know about someone, or what they know about themself. But it can assess if a person is comfortable in their work role, whether they are under some pressure, feeling insecure, is frustrated or feels the need to adjust to a role outside their usual comfort zone.

    Extended DISC illustrates how to identify different behavioural traits in other people via a simple three-step process. The model also explains how we should address and respond to others once we know their natural behavioural style. Adjusting our style will help improve our interactions with others and mitigate conflict. Extended DISC® tests are useful tools to help your employees learn how to become more productive and effective individually at their jobs, work smoothly with their teams, and develop as people and professionals.

    Benefits of DISC personality tests include the ability to:

    • Identify, recruit and retain candidates that best fit the role
    • Understand the behavioural strengths of employees
    • Improve and enhance professional and personal communication
    • Develop self-awareness and improve overall performance
    • Understand maximise on the natural styles of your workforce
    • Pinpoint motivators and demotivators
    • Increase sales by identifying how each style sells 
    • Grow healthy teams by understanding each others' styles

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    97% of our current clients would recommend our tools to other businesses. Don't take our word for it, read some great feedback from our clients.

    At the Co-operative Bank we’ve used Extended DISC with our full sales leadership team.  We’ve found it an extremely useful tool to understand the make-up of our teams, the different strengths each person brings to the team, and how to work more effectively together.

    David Cunningham
    CEO - The Cooperative Bank

    The new Sales Competency Tests are transforming the way that we now understand sales people and can target, specifically, those competencies and behaviours that are coachable and, ultimately, can be improved. The tests provide uncannily accurate insights.

    David Hoath
    Managing Director - Arlandria

    If ever problems have arisen, there has always been a friendly voice at the end of the phone line and a ready solution. Even some of my most sceptical clients have come to rely on FinxS increasingly in making good selection and recruitment decisions.

    Rob Everall
    Managing Director - Marine Jobs

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