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KiwiRail have utilised the Extended DISC Behavioural assessment tools across a number of our leadership teams. The assessments and various reports available have proved extremely valuable in giving our teams insight into their own tendencies, along with how they can be more effective in influencing positive outcomes. The assessments have really opened up discussion amongst our teams as to the different ways individuals view the world, and helped to foster greater understanding and collaboration.

Adam Williams - EGM Rolling Stock - KiwiRail


We are an educational consultancy company and use HR profiling tools when supporting School Boards to appoint Principals and other senior staff.  Getting the right person for the role is one of the most important decisions a Board will make.  HR Profiling tools help direct and fine-tune that decision-making.  We have also used HR Profiling tools with Senior Leadership Teams in schools.  We have worked with the schools ourselves with the reports generated by the tools and HR Profiling has been very willing to engage with the teams directly.  We have seen Teams switch from deficit to a strengths-based approach.  One Team completely turned-around the team’s dynamics by using the tools.  We have seen many instances of Senior Leaders using the results in very positive ways to improve their performanes.  They are an excellent basis on which to begin productive coaching conversations with staff.

The Education Group


Finally, assessments that provide results for behavioural change, not just analysis reports. Extended DISC® assessments are pragmatic, concise and easy-to-use. They provide a practical model that improves individual, team and organisational performance.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - Consultant - Marshall Goldsmith



Didn’t expect for such valuable information to be extracted and I’ve done other tests in the past, but nothing as accurate as this one.

I feel like someone has broken into my house, except for I gave them the key.

I am still amazed, this is really unbelievable.

Perlita Ateva – Detection Services


At the Co-operative Bank we’ve used Extended DISC with our full sales leadership team. We’ve found it an extremely useful tool to understand the make-up of our teams, the different strengths each person brings to the team, development opportunities for individuals, and how to work more effectively together.

David Cunningham - CEO - The Cooperative Bank


As Learning and Development Manager with Europcar Australia and New Zealand I have been working with HR Profiling Solutions as our provider of Extended DISC products. The HR Profiling team have provided excellent service and support throughout and have gone above and beyond on many occasions. Their training for the Level 1 Practitioner and Level 2 Consultant is excellent and has allowed us to fully utilise Extended DISC and apply it throughout the organisation.

Brett Honisett - L & D Manager - Europcar


I have been using HR Profiling services for 2 years and have found the back up service of the team to be outstanding.  My calls and emails are always returned promptly and the help that the administration team have offered me has been outstanding.  

As a Master Trainer I became responsible for helping my own clients learn the ropes of the FINX system and the team at HR Profiling have ensured that I am confident with my own knowledge of the system and have helped me at every step along the way so that I can provide excellent service to my own team.

I endorse this organisation as being professional, competent and supportive.

Marina Shearer - Director - Profile Coaching


We use Extended DISC for a variety of situations for our clients including recruitment, leadership and individual development through to building more effective teams. It is versatile, straightforward and an easy to implement tool that supports organisations to develop their people.

Sharon Jefferies - Coach/Trainer – Everest People