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What HR tools do we use?

We use globally recognised and validated Extended DISC and FinxS behavioural assessment tools and have been the official New Zealand distributor for the past 21 years. We are the only authorised providers of Extended DISC Level 3 Master Training in New Zealand.

Extended DISC International is a leading global supplier of assessment systems, with representation in over 80 countries. Our reports are available in over 60 languages.  

We supply HR Managers and Business Consultants with a range of workplace assessments. Using these tools managers and consultants can make informed and reliable people decisions to enhance team productivity and enhance organisational performance. 

Our cloud-based platform is accessible 24x7 and allows users to administer all tools from one integrated system. Consultants and managers can view data in real-time, white-label reports and 'play' with the data. See our range of tools below.

Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC provides you with information to maximise the performance of your employees. Enhance teamwork, communication and development.

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Sales Competence Assessment

Designed to strengthen and streamline learning, the assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in 18 critically important sales competences.

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Cognitive Ability Assessment

FinxS Reasoning Analysis is designed to measure and evaluate an individual’s reasoning skills in nine different areas required in a professional environment.

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Create fully customisable, action-orientated Surveys from Employee Engagement and Climate Surveys to Customer Satisfaction.

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360 Feedback

Create action-orientated Open 360 feedback reviews. A fantastic tool for management reviews, leadership development, team building and performance appraisals.

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FinxS Online Platform

FinxS is the world’s most advanced online assessment system. Coaches and HR Managers can administer a range of  assessments from one cloud-based platform.

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Intuitive HR Tools and Assessments

Gain reliable and practical data to make informed people decisions and enhance organisational performance.

How can HR tools help businesses?

HR Tools and workplace assessments enable organisations to provide data-driven insights and answers to the major Human Resource functions. Organisations make people-related decisions based on impressions or intuition instead of data. These organisations are blind to deeper issues that are undermining performance. Our HR tools connect organisations to the data-driven power of assessments.

Job Analysis and Recruitment

The recruitment process is a step by step strategy to create a job role, analyse the role requirements, review applicants, and place the ideal candidate in the right position. Each step requires careful preparation and planning.

Often recruiters rely on CV's and gut feeling to select an employee. DISC Assessments and Cognitive Ability tests support the hiring process from selection to on-boarding. Using a combination of these technologies, recruiters can match a candidate's skill level to the essential functions of the job role. Furthermore, they can identify if the behaviours come naturally to the candidate or if they require more energy, focus and support. 

Using HR tools, recruiters remove guess-work from the recruitment process and reduce the cost associated with a poor hire. 81% of companies expect to make more reliable, less risky decisions using psychometric tests.

Employee Training and Development

Employee development is a valuable way to achieve results in your organisation. Organisations who invest in the growth of their people reap the benefits of higher staff engagement, productivity levels, and employee retention.

The Extended DISC Behavioural Assessment is our core workplace test. It provides information about a person's natural (unconscious) and adapted (conscious) behaviour. A DISC assessment is an excellent foundation for understanding your employees' natural tendencies, strengths, and areas for development. A DISC assessment reveals a person's communication style and preferred way of working. It can even focus on particular workplace functions such as management, leadership, sales and administration. The report acts as the basis for a development plan that will lead to better utilisation of the individual's natural abilities. 

Organisational Development 

The Team Analysis and Climate Survey tools provide managers with a unique insight into the extent to which the organisational culture, goals and vision are understood, accepted and supported by the employees. These tools highlight gaps between management perceptions and the reality amongst the staff and allow companies to benchmark teams, departments, divisions or even the entire organisation.

The Team Analysis provides organisations with a clear, easy-to-use framework to understand complex team issues quickly, solve problems and improve performance and communication. It also creates a safe environment to discuss challenging topics productively, leading to improved morale and productivity. 

Employee and Labour Relations

HR Managers provide a link between the workforce and management teams to create a positive and engaged workplace culture. Open 360 Feedback and Climate Surveys are a great way to identify any gaps in perception between management and the broader organisation. 

360 feedback provides a complete picture and measures the overall opinion of a group rather than just relying on one or two views. The reports identify blind spots and highlight the strengths and development areas of a person. Multiple sources of feedback contribute to a better understanding of a person's development gaps.

Using HR Surveys, managers can measure how the overall organisation feels in their current environment. Survey tools allow HR Managers to separate different respondent groups to identify if there are differing opinions between organisational departments. The intuitive and easy to read reports highlight strengths and development opportunities of the organisation. Using surveys, HR Managers can quickly identify areas for development and understand how to better support employees.


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What HR tools are right for my business?

Selecting the best HR software for your organisation is a significant decision. HR tools can have a remarkable impact on employee development and organisational performance. HR Software can directly address the struggles in your organisation, such as making more reliable hiring decisions or increasing employee engagement. 

1. Identify the Underlying Performance Issues

To choose the ideal HR tool, you need to identify the problems you want to solve. DISC assessments are great to use during the recruitment phase, team development, and to overcome conflict as they provide a fundamental model to understand ourselves and others. However, they do not allow employees to give feedback on the performance of others or the broader organisation. Clarifying your underlying performance issues and the problems you need to solve will help you stay focused on your end goal and will also show executive teams how your efforts align with the bigger picture and effects on the bottom line. 

2. Discuss the Concerns of Key Stakeholders

Discuss the concerns of your key stakeholders and what they require from an HR tool. Considering the perspectives and priorities of the broader organisation, before you present a potential tool, will help clarify the needs of the whole organisation. Consulting with key players will help you find the tools that best serve everyone, and the adoption process will run much more smoothly. 

3. Analyse Key Features

It's easy to get caught up in the additional features of assessment tools available in today's market. Without an idea of the results you expect from an HR tool, you might find yourself caught up in the bells and whistles. Take the time to list the concerns you've identified in the first two steps and match them to the features of the different assessment tools. Identify which features align with your end-goals and produce the insights you require.

An excellent place to start is choosing an integrated platform. If you are expecting to conduct many assessments, an integrated platform will overcome administration headaches and allow you to administer tools from one account. FinxS is the world's most advanced online HR assessment system. The integrated platform enables HR managers to conduct DISC Assessments, Sales Competence Assessments, Open 360s, Surveys, and Reasoning Analyses all from one system. 

4. Making the Final Decision

The HR tool you select should directly solve your initial concerns, meet the needs of key stakeholders, and produce workable solutions to help you overcome the many people related issues in the workplace. 


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