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Enhance your skillset, make confident recruitment decisions, and get the most out of your workforce with our training for HR professionals.

What is HR training?

Training and development involve advancing the effectiveness of organisations and the individuals and teams within them. Training focuses on the development of skills and competencies to increase the productivity and success of employees. HR training is the development of HR Professionals and HR Managers, specifically. 

Effective HR Management needs appropriate HR Training for employees in the HR Department. Successful HR professionals need to be experts in employee relations, as well as communication, conflict management, and organisational development. Customised HR Training provides HR professionals with the skills and toolset to effectively perform and overcome people-related issues within an organisation. 

Why should I consider HR training?

HR training provides HR professionals with an opportunity to get the most out of their workforce through an increase in productivity and team cohesion. By providing HR professionals with specialised training, you enable them to leverage their strengths and their ability to contribute to the success of the organisation.

HR training provides employees with the means to identify and prepare employees for advancement in the organisation. A highly trained and cohesive workforce performs better when employees excel. As a result, human resource training enhances organisational performance, helping it to achieve its goals.

Intuitive HR Tools and Assessments

Gain reliable and practical data to make informed people decisions and enhance organisational performance.

What We Offer

We offer a range of assessment tools and associated training accreditations for HR Professionals to enhance their skillset and get the most out of their workforce. 

HR Assessment Tools

Extended DISC Assessments

Extended DISC® supports individuals and businesses to improve relationships, communication and critical aspects of business such as leadership and sales.

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Sales Competence Assessment

Sales Competence Assessments assist managers to make secure sales hiring decisions and develop the skills and mindsets of their salesforce.

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Cognitive Ability Assessment

Cognitive tests are commonly used during the hiring process due to their predictive value. The tests improve retention, decrease training time and help avoid mishires.

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Create fully customisable, action-orientated Surveys from Employee Engagement and Climate Surveys to Customer Satisfaction.

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360 Feedback

360 Reviews are a fantastic tool to identify development areas and map training pathways. 360s provide focus on areas that will drive a significant impact on performance.

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FinxS Online Platform

FinxS is the world’s most advanced online assessment system. HR Managers can administer a range of  workplace assessments from one cloud-based platform.

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HR Assessment Training


Level One - Practitioner

Understand the background of the Extended DISC® Model of behaviour and understand how to get the best from your workforce using data-driven insights.

Understand how people are motivated, approach tasks and goals, experience stress and are likely to communicate. You will become fully qualified to interpret and debrief DISC profile reports.

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Level Two - Consultant

This training course is available to HR professionals who want to take their understanding of DISC to a deeper level. HR professionals will learn how to apply DISC in a workplace context to enhance business success.

The Level Two accreditation provides you with the ability to drill down into the real issues that enhance or restrict performance.

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Level Three - Master Trainer

The third level of training is the Level Three DISC accreditation. The purpose of this course is for HR professional who intend to hold regular DISC training courses either as a public workshop or in-house sessions.

The Level Three accreditation has strict pre-requisites and is for HR professionals who want to become a DISC Master Trainer and accredit others. 

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What is the role of HR in training and development?

The role of HR in training and development is to organise development pathways for new and existing employees. The employees receive formal training by staff as part of their onboarding. They also receive regular informal training from managers as they become familiar with internal processes. As the employee grows within an organisation, they may receive more formal and informal training to develop their skills and take on more responsibility. Finally, they may be earmarked for a leadership position and receive specialised training to lead a team of people competently. 

Training and development improve the employee's effectiveness and productivity, and ultimately boosts the bottom line and overall success of the organisation. Training and development lifts employee satisfaction, increases retention rates, and attracts top talent to an organisation. 

Our results

Increased Productivity

One of our clients, an HR Consultant, was called into a large New Zealand company by their HR Coordinator. The company decided they wanted to put six of their department level team leaders through a Leadership Development Program to improve their communication, effectiveness of each department, and their bottom line. 

The first step in the process was to put each of the four managers through an Open 360° Feedback Assessment. After generating the report, the consultant noticed a large gap between the perceived performance of the IT Team Leader himself and his direct reports. 

Using the insights from the Open 360° report, the HR consultant put together an action plan for the IT Team Leader. The consultant worked with the Team Leader to detail three focus areas of communication that needed development. After six months, the company began to notice an increase in productivity and an increase in revenue. This was due to the ability of the IT team to work together more effectively. Other departments also experienced an increase in productivity as well as company-wide effectiveness. 

Due to the work of the consultant and the help of the Open 360° the company now has a systematic approach to leadership development which corresponds to the objectives of the business. The company conducts Open 360° Feedback Assessments® every year to ensure the company is working efficiently.


Employee Engagement

A leading US hospital used Extended DISC to increase employee engagement which was becoming a problem due to a lack of communication and teamwork between departments. They set out to use DISC to support and improve employee interaction to help improve overall workplace efficacy.

After implementing Extended DISC, the hospital achieved the 18th ranking out of 500 in the list of Forbes magazine's "America's Best Employers" for 2017.

"We have seen a noticeable difference in many of our internal teams as well as a noticeable improvement in communication and team cohesion since we've utilised the Extended DISC® tool."


Improved Efficiency

An extensive training organisation looked to increase its clients' sales. Their philosophy is that in sales, being able to build rapport, bond with others, and deal with difficult people are skills that, when done successfully, will set us apart from our competition.

They selected Extended DISC® as a tool to incorporate into their training programs. They applied DISC internally and externally as part of every conversation.

They asked new clients to measure the time they currently spend on emotional waste, drama, and problem solving to make sales. After they conduct the Extended DISC® training, they ask their clients to measure again.

Clients recognised a 20% drop in stress and time management within the sales process. What they find is that applying Extended DISC® allows their employees to move out of an emotional perspective and into a strategic one.

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