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Are you keen to improve the productivity and cohesion of your team(s)? Read on to discover more about our DISC team building workshops. 


HR Profiling Solutions run team building workshops that focus on the identification of the DISC behavioural types in your team and use that knowledge to improve communication, reduce conflict and get people working to their natural strengths.

A team's unity arises from shared goals. Their success depends on their ability to work together effectively and understand one another. Team members and leaders need to be able to communicate, make collective decisions, tap into one another's strengths and overcome any resistance to change. The team building workshop encourages teams to explore the different aspects that make the team successful and determine the ways that each member can contribute to the success of the group.

DISC Team Building Workshops are interactive and capitalise on the unique strengths of your team members. Prior to the session, each participant completes an Extended DISC assessment to reveal their primary DISC behavioural style. A DISC Team Profile is also produced and is a crucial tool for gaining an understanding of who the members of your team actually are. 

Our DISC team building workshops provide the information that will empower the group to work more effectively together henceforward in alignment with each individual’s particular strengths. Additionally, they will know how the best communication between members can be achieved. An experienced facilitator will guide and encourage your team members as they complete activities, learn about the different strengths, challenges, and motivations of each of the DISC styles, and evaluate their effectiveness as a group.

The workshop includes:

  • Individual Extended DISC profile reports for each team member
  • A Team DISC profile
  • Information about the DISC styles and how to read DISC profiles, practical applications of this knowledge, activities to cement the learning, insight into how your particular team could move forward more effectively.

Who should attend?

This workshop is useful for teams who would like to:

  • Build trust, rapport, and productivity within their new, developing or established team
  • Increase the effectiveness of their communication and decrease conflict
  • Identify opportunities for team development
  • Evaluate and optimise team performance

Objectives of Team Building Workshops

  • To develop a basic understanding of DISC theory and the ability to recognise the DISC styles and the characteristics of each.
  • To recognise the DISC styles in your team, identify your shared strengths, and determine potential areas for development.
  • To evaluate team effectiveness and determine a path for moving your team forward.
  • To minimise tension through an understanding of different communication and behavioural styles.
  • To recognise certain Do's and Don'ts when communicating with other team members

The Team Building Workshop Agenda

  1. Extended DISC Theory
    We consider the fundamentals of Extended DISC behavioural theory, including the Four-Quadrant Model and the construction of the profiles. 
  2. DISC Behavioural Styles
    We zoom in on the four primary DISC styles and how to identify them - looking at how each communicates, prefers to make decisions and approaches change. Participants gain an understanding of how different people behave and think – even when they agree on something – and why people react the way they do.
  3. Tips for Improving Communication
    We introduce the different communication styles and provide tips for making communication more effective. This is useful for fostering team cohesion and reducing (potential) conflict.
  4. DISC Profile Reports
    We learn to interpret our own DISC profiles and look at how self-awareness contributes to the growth of emotional intelligence along with personal and team performance. 
  5. Your Team
    We look at a graphical representation of the spread of DISC styles in the team and determine where there may be overlapping strengths, development areas or potential skill gaps.

How is the training delivered?

In-House Team Building Workshop

One of our Extended DISC Facilitators may be able to come to your workplace to conduct a 2-hour team session. Sessions are interactive and engaging, offering a mix of learning opportunities, discussion and activities.

Online Team Building Workshop

An online DISC Team Building Workshop consists of one 2-hour session, delivered via Zoom. We offer a live interactive session with one of our experienced Extended DISC Facilitators.

Improve the productivity and cohesion of your team