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Will my new employee fit in? Selecting the best candidate for your needs

Do you tend to hire people of a similar type to yourself because you get on well in the interview? But are they actually what you need? Is it likely there might be challenges in the role for the new candidate because of their natural style? Could the candidate be quite different from the rest of the team and possibly need more support to integrate? So how should management prepare for this and understand what the new recruit might need in leadership going forward? 

Many of these questions can be highlighted by using Extended DISC as a source of discussion in the interview process. Recruitment, selection and on-boarding can be a long process but armed with critical additional information to build into interviews, the whole recruitment process can be a lot smoother and a more effective outcome.

Join Becky in looking at how these questions and more can contribute to finding the right candidates, and preparing the right on-boarding support for them.