Leadership Self-Study Workbook

Ensure You are a Self-Aware Leader. Help Your Leaders be better with new Leadership Self-Study workbook. 

The FinxS My Leadership Self-Study Workbook

The purpose of the FinxS My Leadership Self-Study Workbook is to help individual leaders – both experienced and new - identify their natural leadership style and develop the key competencies required of a good leader.  It aims to help leaders learn to make adjustments to their behaviour, so they can navigate any interaction or situation successfully.  The FinxS My Leadership Self-Study Workbook can be used alone or with a coach / facilitator.

The focus of the workbook is on leadership (as opposed to management).  It reveals how the individual relates to people, zooming in on their natural behavioural flexibility zones and providing results, tips and feedback derived directly from the leader’s responses to the Extended DISC questionnaire.  From the very beginning, the workbook helps the leader to identify their current strengths, enabling them to recognise where and how they can improve, offering suggestions and pointers about where adjustments could most effectively be made.

The Leadership Self-Study Workbook opens with a brief introduction to the Extended DISC behavioural model, providing some background for leaders who are not familiar with the model and a revision of DISC fundamentals for those who have used it before.

Contents of the FinxS My Leadership Self-Study Workbook

The individual leader’s natural behavioural style lies at the core of the learning offered in the workbook along with how leaders can use the knowledge of their style as a stepping-stone to recognise the styles of others, which are frequently not the same or even similar.  This enables the leader to determine the types of adjustments needed for an interaction to be successful and for effective communication to take place.  The workbook illustrates to the leader how easily others can misunderstand them and teaches them how to get their message across to those who comprehend things differently.

Improve your self-awareness and the awareness of your leaders today!

The FinxS My Leadership Self-Study Workbook looks at:

  • The individual’s natural communication and leadership styles
  • The benefits they bring to the team
  • How they naturally connect with others
  • Leaving one’s comfort zone
  • Avoiding losing touch with the team
  • Identifying developmental needs in the team
  • Motivating members to achieve team goals
  • The individual’s natural way of supporting others
  • Valuing team diversity
  • Natural perceptions and moving beyond initial reactions
  • Recognising the benefits brought by different styles
  • Effective delegation
  • The individual’s own leadership culture
  • Making effective adaptations
  • Developing a Personal Action Plan

How it Works

Send your leaders a message inviting them to complete a short, targeted questionnaire. Once they've completed the questionnaire, the self-study leadership workbook will be sent to a nominated email address within minutes. It's that simple.

1. Send Employees
an Invite

end your leaders a short email to invite them to complete the Extended DISC Online Questionnaire

2. Complete Questionnaire

Your leaders take a quick ​8-10 minute questionnaire on their preferred behaviours.

3. Receive Remote Worker Assessment

Receive the self-study workbook in your nominated inbox within minutes of questionnaire completion.

4. Develop Remote Working Readiness

The leaders work through the self-study workbook to better understand their natural leadership abilities.

Be the best leader you can be

Your team deserves the best!

Whether you’ve recently been promoted to a leadership role or whether you’ve been leading teams for years, there’s always room for development and honing of skills. Use the FinxS My Leadership Self-Study Workbook to heighten your awareness of self, recognise your natural strengths, discover your natural tendencies for leading and supporting others, and above all learn to effectively adapt your behaviour to successfully engage with your colleagues and ensure real communication occurs.

Develop your leaders today