Extended DISC Profiles - S Style

The S Style

The S style profile, also known as Steadiness or S type, is one of the four basic DISC types that originated from the William Marston’s DISC Model. S Styles make up approximately 30% of the worldwide population.

Celebrity S Styles include: Mother Teresa, David Beckham, Tom Cruise and Princess Diana

How to Identify an 'S' Style

General Overview of a S Style: How a S Style Communicates: How to Manage a S Style:
  • Consults others 
  • Asks HOW questions 
  • Friendly, functional work area 
  • Patient and tolerant 
  • Asks vs. tells 
  • Maintain status quo
  • Service orientated 
  • Listens more than talks 
  • Create standard procedures
  • Embarrassed by recognition 
  • Slow, steady delivery
  • Take time to listen to them
  • Loyal
  • Makes small talk 
  • Give time to adjust to changes