Extended DISC® Introduction

Know about DISC but don’t know where to start?

Interested in finding out about Extended DISC® and its unique applications for business?
Could it help raise your bottom line?
Keen to develop your staff and mindful of their mental health?

Join us for a free 60-minute introductory session
on Wednesday, 8th February 2024! 

The topics that we cover:


  • The Advantages of using Extended DISC® in the workplace
  • Extended DISC® and the theory of human behaviour
  • Conscious and unconscious behaviour
  • The 4 Behavioural Styles
  • Motivators, Strengths, Pressure, Fears and more…
  • Increasing Productivity and Boosting Repeat Business with Extended DISC®
  • Potential practical applications of Extended DISC® in your organisation
  • Detecting emotions – the ‘Special Cases’
  • Extended DISC® training opportunities
  • The FinxS Online Platform and what it offers
  • Facilitator Guides and Resources for workshops

Come along and be amazed by the behavioural insights that the Extended DISC® tool provides!

Extended DISC® offers a complete performance improvement programme – whether you are concerned about organisational development issues, employee management, teamwork, team building or culture, leadership, employee satisfaction, or HR development matters, this tool will prove invaluable.

The brief, but highly sensitive Extended DISC® questionnaire, provides a clear understanding of an individual’s natural behaviour, giving your clients or organisation an understanding of their colleagues and team in a powerful, yet comprehensible way. The information revealed provides clear indicators for motivating employees, increasing effectiveness and achieving tangible performance improvement in both teams and individuals.

Learn how you can utilise Extended DISC® in your organisation.