Assessment tools for Employee Engagement and Productivity

Retention and engagement are key issues for businesses and leaders. Great company culture helps to attract and retain engaged employees. Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys support businesses to improve in key areas that are limiting their performance organisation wide.


Company Strengths & Development Areas

Employee Engagement survey’s support you to highlight key areas of importance. Recognise high performing productive teams or where development is needed to increase engagement. Bring these insights to the surface with workplace surveys to respond quickly and effectively. Track and compare data and performance over time to identify where development is happening and extra support is needed.


People Trends

Engagement and productivity levels can vary widely across an organisation within different teams, departments and locations. Surveys help identify the level of employee engagement organisation-wide as well as identify at-risk employee populations. Surveys reveal areas in which employees are satisfied or where they need extra support and attention. Use these trends to make informed development decisions to improve productivity and retain staff.

Open Feedback

Collate open-ended questions to delve deeper into employee feelings to uncover why employees might be distracted and disengaged at work. Open feedback comments provide qualitative insight and detail into the reason behind employee engagement scores. Analyse open-ended questions to identify key themes and emerging issues within the workplace.

Improve the Employee Experience

Transform the employee experience from recruitment and on-boarding through to talent development. Enhance employee engagement and productivity with an insights-driven approach.


FinxS® Surveys for Employee Engagement

Engaged staff are great advocates for your business. They go beyond what is required to produce an extraordinary work ethic. FinxS® Employee Engagement Survey's allow organisations to understand how improvements will enhance employee engagement. Utilise Employee Engagement Surveys to understand the extent to which employees are dedicated to and feel passionate about their role and organisation. Frame coaching sessions with insights from open feedback and equip managers with data and action plans to improve team performance. As real-time data is collected, focus on key drivers that will make the biggest impact on engagement and productivity. 



Employee Engagement Survey Features

  • Team Segmentation - Set up and manage respondent groups based on team, organisational division or location.
  • Reporting – Compare engagement and satisfaction levels across teams and departments to identify attrition issues.
  • Automation - Invitation, reminder and thank you emails sent automatically to respondents.
  • Customisation Create and design your own questionnaire.
  • Off the shelf  questionnaires also available
  • Unlimited response groups and respondents 
  • An unlimited number of questions and question groups.
  • White labelling - add your colours and logos to make it feel like your own software

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