Extended DISC Behavioural Assessment

Make better business decisions – with confidence. Extended DISC Psychometric Assessments provide you with information to maximise the performance of your employees. Eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted resources and time, and costly problems. Extended DISC provides you with the information you need.

Develop your People

Use behavioural profiling to understand your people's strengths, development areas, what motivates and demotivates them, and how best to communicate and retain them. Choosing employees or promoting employees into positions that suits their behavioural style is vital in achieving success. The outcome will lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction, and a harmonious working atmosphere.

How is Your Team Really Feeling?

Understand how your people are really feeling at the time of assessment. When you look at your people, its hard to tell if they are demotivated, stressed, frustrated or unsure of their role. Extended DISC profiles help identify these emotional issues and provide a framework for discussion.

Extended DISC Profile

The Extended DISC online psychometric assessment is comprised of 24 (48 sub-questions) questions. Sounds simple, but it provides remarkably accurate and useful insights into human behaviour. Based on the highly validated and world-renowned Extended DISC Behavioural Style model, the ipsative style assessment is shown to identify both a person’s ‘natural’ AND ‘learned’ behavioural style - something many profiling tools fail to do. 

Taking Behavioural Profiling to a New Level

Use behavioural profiling to understand your people's strengths, development areas, what motivates and what demotivates them.

Customise and Brand Assessments

You have the power to completely customise DISC Psychometric Assessments to your specific needs. Add additional pages, re-arrange the order they will appear in the report, add or remove images, change or add job-role competencies chosen from our vast bank of over 1500 competencies. 

Use your company colours, mission statement, graphics, fonts, logos and images to brand your behavioural reports.  Alter the look and feel of the online questionnaire page as well as the behavioural report to fit your company image. 

When to use DISC Assessments​:            

  • Help identify, recruit and retain the most suitable candidates
  • Understand your peoples' behavioural strengths 
  • Improve and enhance professional and personal communication
  • Develop self-awareness and improve overall performance
  • Obtain connections between data and the goals/objectives of clients
  • Understand how to get the most out of your workforce
  • Pinpoint motivators and de-motivators
  • Increase sales by identifying how each style sells 
  • Grow healthy teams by understanding each others' styles

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