Change Management Assessment

How are you supporting your team during change?

Our advanced change management tools help you navigate your team through change. Assess the current impact of change on your employees and understand what tools or support you need to put in place to mitigate stress. 

Whether managing a change in business strategy or navigating through huge changes in the wider environment, effectively lead change across your organisation. Influence business decisions with real time feedback from your employees gathered within 10 minutes using assessments for organisational change.

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    Lead Through Change with Confidence

    • Highlight employees currently working outside their comfort zones.
    • Identify motivators and demotivators of employees.
    • Recognise causes of stress, signs of stress and learn how to help decrease stress levels among team members.

    Change Analytics and Reporting

    • Intuitive and simple to setup and to capture impacts on your people and strategy.
    • Collect data from your employees and analyse trends to create or modify your change management strategy.
    • Identify areas in which your employees are struggling and create data led decisions through change.

    Understand What Employees Need From You

    • Highlight specific needs your employees require of their managers to help cope with change. 
    • Implement support measures based on real time feedback from the assessment.
    • Communicate change in the most comfortable way for each of your employees.

    Navigating change can be difficult, simplify your strategies with Change Management Assessments