Assessment tools for Personal and Professional Development

Personal and professional development is exceptionally valuable to achieve results in your organisation. Leaders who support the growth of their team reap the benefits of greater staff engagement, higher productivity levels, and a lower workforce turnover.

Increase Self-Awareness

Increasing self-awareness is the fundamental first step in personal or professional development. Extended DISC assessments allow you to understand your natural behavioural preferences. Understanding your natural behaviour allows you to modify your communication and interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with others.

Identify Strengths & Development areas

Knowing yourself and your capacities is important in any role. An awareness of your strengths allows you to leverage on things that can push you further and help you succeed.  Identifying development areas enables you to take steps to improve them or ask for support where needed. 


Enhance Communication & Relationships

Self-understanding leads to better workplace relationships and allows you to respond effectively to others. Extended DISC helps build greater confidence, resilience, personal and interpersonal skills to approach any situation.

Go Further in your Career

DISC Assessments enable you to enhance communication skills and cultivate great workplace relationships. Individuals who understand their behavioural preferences are able to effectively manage their emotions and modify how they approach people and tasks.

DISC Assessments for Personal Growth

The Extended DISC Grow & Develop Assessment equips you with the following tools to help you improve your relationships.

  • Observing and analysing behaviour
  • How to interact with people and to help them
  • Motivate and manage people more effectively 
  • Ensure effective communication


Open 360s for Personal Development

Open 360 degree feedback is a method that provides employees with the opportunity to receive performance feedback from their direct reports, colleagues, and managers. Open 360 feedback reviews assist individuals to increase levels of self-awareness and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Open 360 reviews help provide insights into aspects of an individual’s work that may need professional development.

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