Level 2 - Accredited Extended DISC Consultant 

A jam packed and fun-filled course, learning about Behavioural Styles. We look at strengths and weaknesses, causes of stress, motivators, communication challenges, approaches to others etc. and how these relate to both our performance success and satisfaction. 

This course involves an intensive two days full of practical information and application of the Extended DISC© Assessment Suite. We follow five key modules and their application in areas of business:

  • Grow & Develop: Presented in 3 stages, Self- discovery, Personal Development and Behavioural Action Plan.
  • Team & Build: Learn how to build a more cohesive and effective team using the extensive insights in the Team Analysis. 
  • Lead & Manage: We explore several Extended DISC tools we can utilise for Leadership feedback.
  • Recruit & Select: Identify which sort of work environment each behavioural style tends to prefer and the tasks that generally suit their behavioural style best.
  • Sales & Service: We look at different types of selling and identify some natural fit with DISC styles.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course you will have a comprehensive understanding of DISC Behavioural Styles. You will have all you need to 'debrief' a Behavioural Analysis Report confidently, use data to help delve into how individuals see themselves and their world, and to offer crucial insights into behaviour that enable people to improve their job performance and satisfaction.

You will gain:

  • One-off competitive training course fee 
  • No ongoing training fees or minimum product use requirements 
  • Opportunity as a consultant, to provide 'added value' to your clients with up to date tools and skills 
  • An internationally recognised Certificate of Accreditation (allowing you to advertise your level of Extended DISC® knowledge and conduct your own Introductory Training Course). 
  • FREE VIP website access (containing great technical support material and further resources). 
  • Quick set up and ability to start using reports at the touch of a button 
  • Fun, interactive and informal learning setting

Note: The Level 1: Accredited Practitioner Workshop is a prerequisite for the Level 2: Accredited Consultant Course

Training Dates - 2020

          19th & 20th  May                            Online (Grow & Develop, Recruit & Select, Sales & Service Modules)


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