Understanding Logical Processes
 Reasoning Skills Assessment

Predict Job Performance with Logical Processing Cognitive Skills Assessment

Are you looking to hire a forward-thinking candidate?

Logical Processing assessments provide reliable insights into a candidate's abilities, including:

  • Ability to think systematically
  • Identifying underlying reasons for conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Ability to understand cause-effect relationships

Measure a candidates ability to understand cause and effect relationships with the FinxS Understanding Logical Processes skills assessment. Logical Process thinkers can draw on available information to understand how it will influence the future and possible consequences. 

When you need a candidate who can quickly review and analyse a large amount of detail to solve problems and predict possible consequences, you need a robust logical thinker. Logical thinkers are great at problem-solving, negotiating, predicting/influencing behaviour and researching.

Such skills are in high demand and required for business analysts, economists and actuaries.

Maths and Logic recruitment tests screen candiates who can solve new and complex problems based on current information.

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    • Visualise the percentage of questions answered correctly.
    • Dig deeper into the results and analyse a person's speed vs accuracy. Is it more consequential to hire a candidate who can perform under pressure or who takes the time to correctly analyse information?
    • Compare a person's scores to a benchmark to help predict job performance.


    Benchmarks and Job Performance

    Analyse candidates against a chosen comparison group. Compare results at an organisational, country and global level to provide additional meaning to the results.

    Quantify the attributes of your high performing employees to hire candidates fit for the job role every time!

    Reasoning Analyses have a 0.51 correlation to predicting job success. In comparison, interviews correlate 0.18, references 0.36, and years of experience 0.18.


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